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Machines do not function like transcriptionists do: 

Accurate, Fast, Error-free.


If you are looking for an Italian transcriptionist who is able to transcribe files at a 4:1 speed ratio and 100% accuracy, you do not need to waste your time: you found him.

As an Italian transcriptionist, I transcribe both short and long-term Italian audio projects in a fast, accurate, and professional way. Transcripts are properly formatted, and grammar, spelling and jargon are thoroughly checked by our quality control team.

I collaborate with most industries on the market: from academia to medical, from legal to business, from technological to recruiting agencies.


Remember: a trained transcriptionist will save you thousands of hours and money. My expertise is the transcription, so let me focus on this for you, converting your recorded interviews, audio notes, speeches, podcasts and any recorded speech into written reports, leaving you to focus on the areas that I can’t help with and maximising the use of your time and effort.

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