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The limits of my language are the limits of my world.

                                                                                                       Ludwig Wittgenstein

Your Italian Tutor & Translator

Ciao a tutti e benvenuti! My name is Stefano Santosuosso and am a qualified Italian tutor and translator, director of Italian Services.

I am based in Reading, Berkshire. My clients call me ‘Il Maestro’: I am sure they make fun of me, but I liked it so much the first time I heard it that it is now part of my brand. 

I breathe Italian: after my BA and Masters in Italy, I moved to England to pursue a PhD in Italian. I am currently a Lecturer in Italian Studies at the University of Reading and a certified Kahoot online teacher. I am also Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and my translations are recognised by the Italian Consulate and all public bodies.

I can feel your pain: finding an Italian tutor or translator who, at the same time, is qualified, affordable, and caring is NOT easy. That’s why I never rely on others for my Italian language services: I like to keep my Italian classes small, and I don’t take up all the translation and transcriptions jobs I get offered if I cannot give my best.

You are not simply a number to me. And your needs, your urgency, your struggles are mine, too. 







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I am a Lecturer in Italian at the University of Reading, where I have also received my PhD in Italian. I have been teaching Italian Language at all levels since 2010, both in Italy and in the UK. In 2016, I was awarded for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Excellence’ as part of Italian Studies Department at Reading. Here at Reading University, building on my Diploma in Acting (2004) and theatrical experience, I founded a drama group to teach Italian in a more dynamic and informal setting.


I am a member of the ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting). I have been translating English into Italian (and vice versa) for academic journals, business companies and members of the public since 2010. I am a certified translator recognised by the Consolato Italiano a Londra.


I have been transcribing Italian audio projects for private individuals and some of the biggest companies worldwide since 2013. When I sit at my desk to complete an Italian project, only three words resound in my mind: accuracy, professionalism and speed. The rest does not matter.

What My Clients Say...


Learning Italian has never been easier