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Certified Italian Translation

I’m Stefano, an Italian certified translator. I am fully recognised by the Italian Consulates in London and Manchester. Send your document and get a quote straight away with no obligation.

Italian translation services

As an Italian certified translator, I will be with you from the start to the end of the project to ensure that nothing is left to chance. My certified translations bear my signature and seal and they are accompanied by a signed statement on a headed paper attesting that the translation is accurate and complete. This will undeniably give you peace of mind as I am responsible for all the work I deliver. You just have to sit back and relax!

How does the translation process work?

Send documents

You can either WhatsApp or email me. Mention all the details carefully and insights about any of your specific requests.

Receive quote and turnaround

After examining the project details, I will share the quote and turnaround.

Settle the invoice and wait for the document

In order to secure the translation and turnaround, settle the invoice. Once the payment is received, the translation job is confirmed.

Receive the certified translation

The electronic and paper copies of your certified translation, signed, sealed and accompanied by the certificate of accuracy are sent to you.

Why Italian Services for Your Italian Translation?


Italian Services prioritises customer satisfaction. For me, nothing is more important than a happy client list. I assure this by offering a wide range of fully certified translation services and a signed statement on a headed paper attesting that the translation is accurate and complete. The aim is to offer you the best service at affordable prices.


I am a certified Italian translator. My translations are accepted by Italian consulates worldwide, Home Office, Councils, Universities, NARIC, HM Revenue and Customs, and NHS. I am a Member of the Institute for Translation and Interpreting. Hence you can expect a professional italian translation with zero errors or blunders.

The timeframe

I understand how important it is to submit such essential documents on time. Once you send me all the project details, I’ll send the quotation and the timeframe in which the content will be finished and handed over to you through a PDF file and paper copies. Italian Services guarantees on-time delivery of all translations.

My translations are accepted for all official purposes including UK courts / government legal system

FAQs related to Italian Translation Services!

Are you looking for reliable and steadfast Italian Translation services that offer high accuracy at an affordable price? Hello Everyone; I’m Stefano, a certified translator who collaborates closely with the Consulates in London and Manchester. If it is your first time ordering translation services, you might be searching for some answers. For clarity, I have listed some frequently asked questions regarding Italian translation services.

With me? Definitely. I do not rely on other collaborators as you need to be a certified translator who takes full responsibility for what he/she translates. At Italian Services, I’m a native italian as well as a certified translator who collaborates closely with the Consulates in London and Manchester; hence be assured of getting a high-quality translation service whether you are looking for a certified translation from Italian to English or English to Italian.

It is always recommended to choose a native translator. The reason is translation is not only about words but the articulation of culture, tradition as well as communal identity. Only the native speaker will be able to grasp these nuances with more accuracy, proficiency, and mastery.

Yes, my translations will be accepted by the Italian Consulates, Home Office, Councils, Universities, NARIC, HM Revenue & Customs, NHS, and private and public bodies and institutions.

The delivery time for an Italian translation service depends upon many factors – for example, the number of words, language combinations, complexity, etc. If you want your translation in an emergency, contact me directly by calling on+44 (0) 792 623 1109 between 10:00 – 19:00. If I cannot answer your call, you can either leave a voicemail, send an email to stefanos@italianservices or write a quick text to my mobile number above. I would love to know more about the project, discuss everything in detail and decide the delivery time.

At Italian Services, I personally translate all of your documents and deliver them within the agreed time frame. Hence, all your translation pages will be personally checked, reevaluated, and proofread. I offer a wide range of fully certified translation services accompanied by a signed statement on a headed paper attesting that the translation is accurate and complete.

For all your Italian-to-English and English-to-Italian translations, I make sure that the document is spell-checked, phraseology/terminology is uniform, and content is linguistically accurate and custom-made for the targetted group. In addition to that, at Italian Services, all your reference material will be given great importance; so as to fulfil all your requirements and expectations flawlessly.

Before delivering your final PDF/paper copy document, I ensure that the file is not corrupted and all your criteria have been met.

If you are looking for a translation service in Italy and the UK, you are at the right place. I work closely with the Italian Consulates in London and Manchester as a certified Italian translator, therefore I can translate from Italian to English and vice versa a wide range of essential documents (such as certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, death, deed poll, bank statements, police checks, driving license, University degrees/Vocational Diplomas, patents). As a Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, I have collaborated with private and public bodies and institutions to provide certified translations in several fields (such as academic, legal, medical, financial, commercial, corporate, pharmaceutical, and technical).

Don't trust me, trust them...

Steve P
Steve P
I can definitely recommend Stefano of Italian services which I used for translations. Excellent communications, complimented by price and quality. Certainly won't be disappointed and can now see why all 140 plus reviews warrant a 5 star feedback. Will be using again if and when required as well as recommending.
Marcos Cenachi
Marcos Cenachi
Premium service. Clear and efficient communication. Work done quickly with high quality.
Alfredo Giuliano
Alfredo Giuliano
traduzione molto buona servizio veloce costo non caro lo raccomando a le persone che Anno bisogno di traduttori grazie.
Irene Borghi
Irene Borghi
Stefano was very helpful and very efficient. Would definitely recommend
Santhosh Sachchithanantham
Santhosh Sachchithanantham
Well deserved 5-Star review! Dr. Stefano helped us getting our son's birth certificate translated from English to Italian in less than 2 days. If it was not for the actual posting services strikes, we would have received our documents in few days. Also, he replied to our late emails as well going above and beyond to satisfy his customers. Grazie mille Italian Services!
Steve Hall
Steve Hall
Stefano translated the UK documents I need for my Jure Sanguinis application at the Italian Consulate in London. The service was quick and professional. Stefano himself is very funny to speak to and a pleasure to have done business with.
Gabriela Bazzo
Gabriela Bazzo
I couldn't recommend Stefano's services more highly. From communication with the customer - extremely fast and very clear - to the speed and quality of the services provided. I sent my certificate for translation and on the same day I received the PDF and the information that it had been posted. Plus, Italian Services offers the best value on the market.
Eliana Verdesi
Eliana Verdesi
Stefano Santosuosso translation service was fast and precise and accompanied by extreme kindness and clarity in all steps of the process. A work of quality and professionalism that has given its good results and that I can sincerely recommend to those who need a translation of various diplomas and certificates. Thank you so much.
I can recommend Stefano. The service was delivered quickly and done properly.

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